Most businesses today make use of the many marketing and advertising options and tools available to increase their trade and reinforce their brand. The digital age has provided new opportunities and methods of reaching potential customers and clients – however, that does not necessarily mean that more traditional, simpler advertising vehicles are redundant! Outdoor signage is still an affordable and effective marketing tool used by many businesses – here are some reasons why:

Attracts Customers

The main function of any advertising initiative or marketing tool is to attract new custom – and outdoor signs do exactly that! Outdoor signage grabs the attention of your target audience, and any passing footfall, and leads them directly to your business. Remember to place your outdoor signs in close proximity to your business premises – this not only alerts them to your business, but also makes it easier for potential customers to find.

Highlights Your Business

You want any advertising you invest in to make your business stand out from the competition – high quality outdoor signage can be eye-catching and attract your target audience. Whilst big signs may stand out, you need to consider the quality of your design and the sign itself – you want your sign to give the impression of a quality business and service, so consider the size of the lettering and any images used as you want your sign to be visible, but easily read and not too ostentatious.

Reinforces Your Brand

As your outdoor signs may be the first impression a potential customer gets of your business, you want it to make an impact and portray something of the products and services you offer. A well-designed and creative sign will not only attract custom but will also portray an image of your business – creating a positive, strong initial impression will reinforce your brand name as being one of quality and trust, so it is important to invest in quality outdoor signage. An outdoor sign provides consistent brand exposure – it can be displayed 24 hours a day to the public including, importantly, your potential consumers!

Cost Effective Marketing

Amongst the many advertising and marketing methods available, outdoor signs are one of the most cost-effective options – they are affordable to design and produce, are durable, so can be used repeatedly over long periods, and are suitable and relevant for most businesses both large and small.

Whirlwind Signs

There are many different types of outdoor signs available, amongst them pavement signs in different sizes and styles. Whirlwind signs are a popular option offering double-sided displays set in aluminium snap frames for easy loading and unloading, which are suitable for use both indoors and outside locations.

Outdoor signs can be a great benefit and provide a boost to your business – remember that placement and the quality is important and should be carefully considered when ordering your signage. Consult with an established sign printing company who will be able to offer you expert help and guidance on whirlwind sign printing and other forms of outdoor signage for your business.


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