All businesses spend time and money on advertising and a main feature of that marketing is signage and branding. Whilst outdoor business signage is key to your company’s promotion and image, it is also important not to overlook the potential impact and benefit of indoor posters and signage. Installing signs throughout your business premises interior provides an excellent opportunity to, not only promote your brand and portray your key messages, but to assist and make an impression on your customers, as well as having a motivational impact on your staff.

Indoor posters can enhance your brand

All interior branding, can, and should, be a lot more than just decorative – any creative installed on the interior of your business space can help to clearly communicate your company’s values and ethos, to staff and clients alike.

Clear messages can assist customers and visitors

As well as advertising your product or service, another benefit of indoor branding can also be installed to assist your customers. Whether it’s clearly guiding them to a specific area, or department, or informing them on specific aspects of your business – prices, policies and procedures, company mission statement – interior posters and signage can educate your customer in various ways.

Office posters can boost staff morale

Indoor office posters are a wonderful way to communicate with your staff – they can serve as a permanent visual reminder of your company’s mission, aims, objectives and ethos – what it is that makes you unique as a company, and give a sense of inclusion to your staff in helping to achieve those goals.

Different creative formats

Indoor posters can be created and displayed in a number of different formats:

Wall posters – produced by high quality large format printing, they can carry and display distinctive colours and design.

Roll-up banners – these are ideal for reception areas and meeting rooms, as they are free-standing.

Pop-up stands – these can be utilised in a number of different areas as they are versatile and mobile.

Consider the use of patterns

A final thing to think about and consider – when businesses consider indoor signage it will almost always centre around the company name and logo – there’s nothing wrong with that, but why not think about incorporating patterns as well?

Indoor large format printing facilities allow you to produce posters that can display more than your standard corporate images and wording – using patterns can provide interest, texture and balance that will make your image stand out from the rest. By incorporating a pattern that’s unique to your business, it will help to create greater brand recognition, and indoor posters are the ideal vehicle to convey this.

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