Businesses use many different forms of marketing and advertising to increase sales and awareness of their company. Marketing can, however, be an expensive outlay so businesses are always looking for the most cost-effective marketing solutions. Large format printing is one of those affordable solutions – whether you are starting a new business with a restricted budget or advertising a one-off event or sale, utilizing large format printing can attract the customer attention you want.

Here are the most common usages of large format advertising:

Posters are extremely cost effective

Posters particularly lend themselves to large format printing. Extremely cost effective to produce, posters can be distributed and displayed across an area quickly and easily. Bold displays in strategic places will catch the eye – site the posters correctly and they will be seen repeatedly, reinforcing your brand image and name with every sighting.

Large format printed posters are especially effective for promoting events such as fayres, fetes, exhibitions, concerts and such. Design your poster with a bold image and it will immediately attract attention. Once a person’s interest is piqued by the display, ensure that that the poster contains the important information in regarding the event – the location, date, time, cost and any other salient points.

Banner draw attention and attract interest

Banners are probably the first advertising format people associate with large format printing. A well-designed and strategically placed banner will very quickly draw attention and attract interest.

As with well-placed posters, when these banners are seen repeatedly the image becomes ingrained in those who pass them regularly – whether they are aware of it or not! A bold, strong image viewed multiple times will be noticed subconsciously and raise awareness ‘by stealth’!

Banners are often the favourite marketing choice to promote events such as fundraisers and clearance sales.

Whichever large format printing you choose – posters, banners or flyers – it is a very effective use of your marketing budget and will form a valuable and effective part of your overall business sales and marketing strategy.


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