Exhibitions are an excellent way to market your business, whether it’s a specific industry conference, or larger event. If you’re planning to exhibit your business, you need to give serious thought to your budget for such an event. With so many other businesses competing in such tight spaces, you need to ensure your exhibition stand, stands out from the crowd!

These are great places to secure sales for the future, so you need to be sure you have enough budget in place to create that wow factor and promote your business as a quality and viable product or service.

We’ve pulled together the top considerations you need to prepare for, when planning a successful exhibition:

Design your stand to make your business POP!

Whether you have a huge budget, or a tight budget, the overall design of the stand needs to reflect you and your business well. From carefully positioned signage, and lighting, to choosing the right colours and imagery for impact, you want to ensure your stand creates impact in a sea of exhibition stands.

With the right lighting and signage, you can increase the impact of your stand tenfold. You also need to give consideration to the finer details, such as positions for power points and whether or not to have a ceiling. If you need help with the design aspect, we at John E Wright can help; from initial stand design through to custom build stands, modular stands, shell scheme graphics and even banner stands; our exhibition services can include complete project management.

Improve sales with correct product placement

There’s no denying that the right display of products can truly bring a product to life. When it comes to exhibition stands, you can afford to be a little more creative with how you do this. Consider your full space; making use of height and angles to ensure maximum visibility. Give thought to the product itself and how it is used, and utilise that knowledge within your exhibition stand.

Consider whether you need a comfy seating area or a play space to test the product, or a whether it is best placed on shelves, racks, stands or pedestals. And ensure you have enough space for POS material to encourage sales too!

Banner stands are perfect for exhibitions and can be used as back drops to create eye-catching shell scheme stands, to stand out from the crowd!

Storage solutions help sell services and stock

With exhibitions comes excess stock. You never know how many people are going to visit your stand so you need to be prepared with umpteen brochures, spare stock, flyers and if you have the budget for it, refreshments!

Storage is therefore vitally important within your exhibition stand design. At John E Wright, our exhibition services and exhibition stand builders have a wealth of knowledge to ensure storage in not an issue; building clear storage solutions, so your customers can relax and focus on the product and services rather than the mess!

Make sure you do your due diligence for safety and stability

Exhibitions are very busy places with crowds of people going in and out of exhibition stands. The last thing you want is for someone to trip over a poorly placed pop-up display or badly chosen furniture. Safety and stability are of the utmost importance at John E Wright; our exhibition stand builders have years of experience, using heard wearing and practical materials to ensure your stand is safe and structurally sound. 

If you are planning an upcoming exhibition you may also find our exhibition planning checklist useful. 

Choose John E Wright for your exhibition services

Exhibitions are highly competitive environments. In order to have a successful exhibition, your stand design needs to provide a big impact and catch the eye of passers-by. The success of your stand can be enhanced with professional exhibition services to ensure you attract as many potential customers as possible. At John E Wright, our exhibition services can include complete project management where we’ll take control of your project from start to finish. Our exhibition stand design team work with you to create graphics and stand layouts that compliment your branding and makes the best use of your space. And if you have large bespoke requirements, our team of expert exhibition stand builders can both install and breakdown your stand so you only have to concentrate on generating sales! Our services include the supply of all shell scheme graphics you may need, including signage and banners stands.

If you want to discuss your requirements, or talk to us about our exhibition services, simply use our contact form to send your questions through to our sales team. Or alternatively, call our head office on: 0115 950 6633.