Most businesses would regard advertising signage as a vital element of their overall marketing strategy and there many different ways to display their signage.

When your artwork and graphics have been finalised, there are different mounting options to consider – two of the most popular vehicles for display signage are Foamex sign printing and Correx signage.

Here are some aspects of both forms to consider when choosing the best sign printing and mounting options for your business signage:

Correx Signage – Flexible and weather resistant

Correx is a form of corrugated plastic that is flexible and weather resistant. One of the main advantages of utilising Correx is the extremely lightweight nature of the material, which makes it very easy to mount on many varied surfaces.

There are different ways to mount Correx signs including using glue, tape, wire, rope, cable ties and even Velcro. One of the more secure methods of mounting this signage though is by drilling holes in the pliable material and securing the signs with screws or bolts.

Depending on the location and environment in which you are mounting your signs, this technique is especially effective – if wanting to attach signage to a gate or fence, for example, the drilled holes can be used to secure the signs by threading cable ties or wire through them.

With Correx you can also mount directly onto any penetrable surface with the use of nails, as the corrugated plasterboard will not tear or rip at the entry points.

The ‘non-destructive’ Correx mounting options, that is those that are secured through some form of adhesive such as glue, tape or Velcro, are just as effective and secure – although using tape or glue can be difficult to adjust or correct when necessary, using Velcro allows you to easily readjust your signs if required.

Foamex Signage – durable PVC board for long last results

Foamex is durable and lightweight expanded foam PVC board. The nature of the material makes it slightly stiffer than Correx so can offer a longer-lasting result.

As with the Correx signage, using Foamex also offers many different mounting options such as drilled holes, adhesives and Velcro. The applications of these options are similar to those mentioned earlier – drilled holes allow you to affix your signs through screws, bolts, washers, rope, string or cable ties.

These options are ideal for attaching your mounted surface on to posts or poles – useful for Estate Agents sale boards or in trade show events.

The adhesive options for Foamex signage are also similar to those mentioned for Correx and will provide a ‘cleaner’ finish to the signs. The lightweight nature of Foamex also makes it ideal for display on an easel or display frame.

You should choose whichever material and mounting option is best suited for your type of signage and where you want to display it – both options will furnish you with smart, professional looking and effective advertising signage.


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