Hiring a stand at a business fair or exhibition can be an effective marketing tool for your business – a chance to highlight your products and services and to reinforce your brand to a captive audience. These exhibitions, however, can be expensive events to display at, so you will want to ensure that any commercial outlay will bring a profitable return. Preparing for such an event is important and your exhibition display stand should be well designed and planned before you arrive – here are some tips on how to make the most of your display shell scheme exhibition stand: 

Shell Scheme – A shell scheme stand design is a box-like construction created by placing aluminium poles both horizontally and vertically to form a display base for your exhibition stand. They can come in many different shapes and sizes, and, in many cases, the exhibition organisers will inform you beforehand as to the format available to you. It usually takes the form of a modular system and is a straightforward, and somewhat plain and unimaginative, piece of exhibition equipment – the trick is how to transform that bland vehicle into a standout, eye-catching display using shell scheme graphics and other merchandising materials!    

Plan Your Stand – First thing is to carefully plan your shell scheme stand design – study the space you have been allocated and work out the ‘flow’ of your display, ensure there is free space for people to move around and consider the placements of your graphics and images to ensure they highlight the features to which you want to draw your visitors attention. Decide on any display tables and other furniture positions within your space and how to layout your other marketing materials. 

Make it Memorable – The whole point of hiring an exhibition space is to highlight your business products and services – so, having acquired the pitch, ensure that YOURS is the exhibition stand that people remember! You want people, on leaving the event, to look back and your display to be the one that sticks most in their minds, and a well-organised and efficiently laid-out shell scheme stand design will achieve that. Effective use of shell scheme graphics, along with other branded materials that highlight your all-important contact details, such as leaflets, brochures, flyers, and business cards – all branded with your company logo, name, and colours – will help make your display stand-out. Exhibition stands offer the perfect opportunity to distribute other non-printed merchandising materials that people will appreciate and remember – mouse mats, pens, USB drives and even novelty stress balls and the like will have a positive impact.    

Highlight Your Brand – Use items such as branded promotional flags, pop-up displays, brochure stands and lightboxes to highlight your brand image – if you need ideas then speak with your print company who will be able to offer you advice on your shell scheme stand design layout and all available ‘props’, and materials that you can effectively use upon it. 

Lighting – An option often overlooked on these display stands is the use of lighting – lights always attract attention in any environment, so why not deploy them on your exhibition stand? Create an inviting and open display using spotlights, freestanding lightboxes, and mount LCD TV’s showing videos of your products and services – all these things will help your display stand out above your competitors and attract people to your stand. 

It is always worth consulting with experienced exhibition stand builders who can offer advice, guidance and overall knowledge of all exhibition services, design, and materials. 


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