Exhibitions and industry trade shows are highly competitive events. Everyone is trying to make themselves noticeable within their limited areas. With people walking up and down the aisles and so many competitors, there is only a small window of opportunity to create a lasting impression. In order for you to stand proud from the crowd, your success relies heavily on creating the ultimate first impression.

At John E Wright, we understand the importance of exhibition stand design to ensure you attract potential customers. Here is a breakdown on what you need to consider to get your exhibition signage right:

What do you want to achieve?

The first question you must ask yourself is what do you want to gain from your exhibition signage?

What is your brand/product or service? What is your core message? Who is your target audience?

It doesn’t matter if your stand has that ‘wow factor’ if it doesn’t clearly facilitate your business. If you know who you are targeting your message towards, you can better focus in on your exhibition stand design concept to effectively communicate what you want to say.

Are you maximising your space?

Generally, the size of plots at trade shows are rather restrictive. It’s important to know the exact size of your plot, so once you’ve confirmed the dimensions, you can start to think about how best you can utilise the space. You want the plot to feel as open as possible and allow customers to approach you with ease.

Trade shows are typically within high ceiling venues, so be sure to utilise the height within your stand to create greater visibility of your company without taking up extra floor space. Just make sure to check if there are any height restrictions first.

Have you considered the signage and graphics?

While you want potential customers to see all the benefits of your company, you need to make sure the signage is clear and concise. You only have a small window to draw people in; they don’t have time to read mountains of text. You also want to consider your choice of typography; people need to be able to read your message from far away.

Images are just as important as the messaging. They are able to create that ‘wow factor’ and can be seen from much further away.

Make sure any event signage and graphics are placed as high as possible to avoid being blocked by people passing by. 

At John E Wright, our exhibition stand design team will work with you to create graphics and stand layouts that compliment your branding and make the best use of your space.

What about the finishing touches

It might not be on the top of your agenda, but lighting, materials, textiles and flooring can all add to the overall aesthetics of your stand. Consider what you are selling and how these little extras might tie in with your brand. Lights can be used to focus attention, by showcasing products or sectioning off different spaces.

The choice of materials can help theme what you are selling; chrome and aluminium give off a modern tech vibe, whilst textures and natural materials give off more of a homely, personal touch.

Flooring can also create a huge impact so consider what works best; from laminate to carpet, bold graphics, or even grass!!!

All these added extras help bring in the crowds and once they’re in, they will stay to see what you are promoting.

John E Wright

If you are looking to exhibit and don’t know where still start, please speak to our team about your requirements and we will be happy to help!

At John E Wright, our exhibition services can include complete project management, from discussing the brief, through to stand design, project management, graphic design and production, installation and hand over on site. Let us take control of your trade show stand design and create a memorable experience for your customers, leaving you to concentrate on selling your products or services.