“I don’t know half of you half as well as I should like,

 and I like less than half of you half as well as you deserve …”

So said Bilbo Baggins at his famous Birthday Party (the one where he rather foolishly uses the ring to disappear), to much confusion as many of the guests weren’t sure whether it was a compliment or not!

The thing is, there were lots of guests, which helped to make it a brilliant birthday party.  Which brings us neatly to our point – how do you get people to come to whatever it is – birthday party, wedding, anniversary, special event, whatever?

The answer is – by sending out brilliant invitation cards.  Ones that not only catch the eye but contain all the information that guests need.

Top tip

It’s common sense of course, but make sure you send them out in plenty of time.   People seem to be busier and busier these days, and booked up weeks and sometimes even months in advance, so give them lots of time to sort out their schedules and make sure they can come along.

What should the invitation cards contain (the 3 essentials)?

There are 3 things that every invitation card should have:

  1. what is the event?
  2. when is the event?
  3. where is the event?

If you get these three right, and as we’ve said send them out in plenty of time, you’re well on the way to getting all the people you want along.

What else would help?

It’s about detail.  For example, a map and/or directions and/or closest Underground Station or landmark etc. might prove very helpful, especially if it’s in an out-of-the-way place!

So here’s a checklist – not supposed to be exhaustive, just to get you thinking.  And not all of these would fit on an invitation card anyway.

Delete as appropriate:

  • map
  • directions
  • closest Underground Station / bus-stop / Train Station etc.
  • nearest landmark
  • places to stay, with contact details
  • what to bring (if anything)
  • what to wear (incidentally, how often do you see “smart casual”, and what, precisely, does it mean?)
  • any other special instructions …

We’ve got the practical information sorted – what about the “memorable” bit?

This is where you capture the mood or essence of the event.  Perhaps with photos or graphics, or humour, and/or some text to capture the imagination and make people think – “I simply have to come to this!”

So how do I get some brilliant and memorable invitation cards?

The good news is, since you’re reading this you’re almost there!

The second bit of good news is, we’ve done lots of the hard work for you, by creating a gallery of numerous different eye-catching designs – all you need to do is personalise them on-line!

Invitation printing Nottingham

And not only in Nottingham incidentally – we deliver nationwide!

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