It’s exciting creating new promotional material especially those for exhibition or events. Roll up banners are a great way to promote your brand over and over again whilst you are on the road.

Before commencing roller banner printing, it’s important that you get all the basics correct so here are a few hints and tips to make your roller banners a success.

Check your sizing and image dimensions

You’ve chosen to design roll up banners and you’ve got an idea as to how you want them to look but the very first thing to do before you even start your graphic design process is to check your dimensions. There is no point in commencing your project if you haven’t got the sizing of your banners correct.

When you are considering the dimensions for roller banner printing don’t forget to consider that you will need bleed space on your design. You should create a bleed space of at least 5mm all around your design.

It’s also important to remember your margins, you will obviously need margins for your banner to be cut but don’t forget you will also need a margin for the roll out length of your design. If you are not sure what the length should be check out the specifications from your chosen roller banner printing company before commencing your project.

Ensure your images look professional and colours are accurate

The resolution of your banner is important, as people only tend to look at banners from a distance the industry recommended resolution is 150 dpi. With regards to colour, it’s important to get the most accurate representation of your colours by using the CMYK colour mode.

When adding images to your roll up banners think about whether the images you use appear to be of high quality and whether they look professional. A shoddy choice of images will give a shoddy impression of your company.

Use consistent branding across all marketing materials

Consider the colour scheme of your roller banner – does it meet your corporate style guide? Do the colours fit with your branding elsewhere – for example on company brochures, exhibition stands, or promotional flyers and leaflets.

Reading From Top To Bottom

Roll up banners are usually read from top to bottom. This means that your logo should always be placed at the top of the banner and that any further information you wish to add to the banner should flow down the length of the banner.

Keep It Short And Sweet

Information included on the banner should be succinct. There isn’t a lot of room on a roller banner to display a lot of text and it’s unlikely anyone will stand and read paragraphs on a banner whilst they are at a show or event. The point of a roller banner is to draw attention from a distance, this is why any information included on your banner should be in font size 72p or bigger.


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