When you think about your customer base, new or existing, what do you think they experience from your business?

Customer experience is a complex but important part of marketing. If your customer experiences something they like – they will return and may pass on their positive experience to other potential customers via word of mouth. If their experience is negative, they definitely won’t return and are also likely to pass on their negative experience via word of mouth.

However, it’s not just the product or service that they experience when they are considering making a purchase or have received a service from you – it is also their thoughts on your business before they even take that decision that will affect their overall impression of your business.

So, in a digital world, how can print marketing enhance the customer experience?

All Round Approach

We may live in a world where digital is at the forefront of everything we do but it’s important to consider that this is not the only way our customers experience our brands.

Customers will access your business through several different channels, they may access your website or social media through a search engine but they may also access your business on the high street or through promotional printing such as flyers or leaflets.

The most thorough marketing plans always considering accessing your customer at every touchpoint available to your business. In this way your customer becomes familiar with your brand in a holistic way.

Get Connected

Print marketing allows another way to make a connection to your customers. On the internet it is difficult to make a human connection in the same way you can face to face. Using your print marketing to tell the story of your business and to give a name and a face to your history allow for the more human aspects of customer experience. Your customers are interested in your history and your humanity it adds to their trust in your business and it can allow them to draw parallel experience with their own lives and help align them to your brand perspective.

The Creative Approach

Creative graphic design gives your customers something to talk about! Using direct mail is a great way to show your customers what makes your brand individual. Combining different elements of graphic design in creative ways will help you stand out from the crowd.

Never underestimate the importance of the customer being able to ‘feel’ your marketing. If there is one major difference between digital marketing and print marketing it is that digital marketing is limited in the way in which it can appeal to the human senses. Print marketing is deals with sight, hearing, smell, and touch. The quality of your marketing material and the though which you put into the design and style of your communication will affect your customer’s impression of your brand on a personal level.

Customer Rewards Equal Brand Loyalty

You may want to tailor your print marketing to a particular customer segment. For example, if you have customers that have ordered twice or more in a certain period you may want to send them a greetings card or issue a discount voucher for a further purchase. Customer rewards equal brand loyalty and enhance your customer’s experience of your business. 


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