There are so many aspects to consider when it comes to in store retail promotion. Point of sale printing is an often overlooked, highly effective way to engage with your customers and increase your sales. The flexibility of free standing display units is an advantage that is often missed, but how can retail POS help you to secure that purchase from your customer?

Build brand awareness and trust

A customer is more likely to make a purchase, and then make a repeat purchase, if they can recognise and trust your brand. The advantage of free standing display units is that you are easily able to design them to represent your branding.

The nature of this customer experience is very visual so it’s important to consider the creative elements of your point of sale printing. The quality of FSDUs is such that you can be creative with colour, shape, and the method in which your products are actually displayed in the stand. This is of benefit for the products on the display unit and your wider brand presence.

The importance of store layout and merchandising

If you have done a formal or informal customer behaviour study you will know how important it is to consider the layout and merchandising of your store.

Strategically placed retail POS will guide your customer through your store in the order in which you wish them to follow and will draw attention to your brand and your promotion. For example, the use of FSDUs on row ends, in difficult spaces that may be lost shop floor space, or near your payment points to make the most of impulse purchases from queuing customers.

The customer journey is more than just a shopping trip

For a customer choosing to visit a store there journey with you is more than just a shopping trip. These days more and more focus is being placed on instore experience. What do you offer that is different to your competitors and that is new and innovative for your customers?

In store displays, pop up demonstrations, and special events are all ways to get your customer more engaged with your brand on a human level. Interacting with your brand representatives and with your product itself means that your customer can enjoy your product on a whole different level. Free standing display units are ideal for this kind of customer interaction. You may need to create an area of the store for this activity which would not have traditional shop fittings and retail POS could be branded to fit with the promotion or event that had driven the initiative.

FSDUs are also ideal for events where you might be out and about but require the branded professional experience for your customers.


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