Of the many advertising vehicles used by businesses to market their products and/or services, the use of floor graphics, or decals, offer an inventive, interesting and creative way to engage and entice a potential audience.

Floor decals are vinyl graphic patches or signage that can be displayed both indoor and outdoor on different surfaces from wood and tiled floors to concrete and asphalt.

Here are some benefits and uses for this particularly effective form of advertising:

The benefits of using custom floor graphics


Floor graphics are extremely versatile – produced in a wide range of different shapes and sizes, they can be customised with any branded logo or design and display personalised text relevant to your brand.


Vinyl graphics are very durable – produced to withstand excessive wear and tear, they are ideal in areas of heavy footfall without being damaged or compromised. This makes floor graphics an ideal option for long-term advertisements.


Floor graphics are easy to apply and maintain – this ease of application also extends to easy removal making them a great option for both short and long term advertising campaigns.


Floor decals are excellent for actually attracting attention – most people look down as they walk, bringing any floor graphics directly into their sightline – and often, there is a surprise element as people don’t expect to see advertising or graphics on the space they are walking, so their interest is immediately piqued.   

The different uses of floor graphics

There are a number of different ways your company can deploy vinyl graphics for effective advertising:

Directional Signage

Floor graphics make great directional signage – they can direct shoppers or customers to different departments or products as well as offering guidance to exits, entrances and other utilities in the building.

Promote Events

They can be effectively used if your business is promoting or hosting an event – floor graphics can be laid both indoor and outdoor, so can be prominent in business car parks or, with relevant permissions, on the pavements around your business to highlight the event.

Optical Illusions

You can be very creative with floor graphics – imaginative marketers can design vinyl graphics that create optical illusions for passers-by. We’ve all seen these effects at some time – what appears to be a hole in the pavement or road – or a waterfall seemingly appearing out of nowhere on the street! These clever images immediately attract attention and set people thinking and talking about your business.

Promote Sales

As floor graphics are so convenient and easy to use, they are ideal for promoting short term special offers or sales – they can be laid in a quick and temporary basis, perhaps in a shopping centre or outside your business to attract people’s attention and divert them into your premises.


Once you have customers inside your store every business wants to take the opportunity to upsell to them – floor decals are ideal instruments for upselling. In areas where people are standing queueing or waiting, floor visuals that catch their eye can be promoting other products and putting ideas and options into the minds of those customers waiting.  

Promote Social Media

Social media plays a massive role in the promotion and marketing of businesses now – you can display your company’s social media addresses on floor graphics throughout your premises. People looking down at their phones – a more than common occurrence – will automatically have these floor graphics in their eye line.

Effectively using floor graphics within your premises offer a different and creative advertising medium for your business that can both engage and inform your customers.


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