For some businesses, compliment slips are becoming something of a forgotten art in terms of maintaining great relations with valued customers and at Instaprint we’re really surprised that’s the case. There is still plenty of room for a compliment slip in today’s modern business world, particularly as an additional means of promoting your brand and crucially maintaining that personal touch that some brands now lack.

If you’d forgotten this staple marketing tool and are thinking of ways to weave them back into your business’ communications strategy, take a look at the following ways your brand can benefit from compliment slip printing.

An extension to your brand

No matter how big or small, a compliments slip can still be a very important branding tool – particularly for those working to strict budgets. Whenever you distribute something to a potential or existing customer, by attaching a compliment slip there’s a good chance your recipient will read it and will digest your brand and contact details ready to use again in the future.

An informal touch

Admittedly nothing should replace a formal letter when contacting a customer, but a compliment slip gives businesses the opportunity to personalise any written communication. A direct note personally naming the recipient provides a human touch that can so often be the difference between a potential customer becoming a one-time customer and a one-time customer becoming a brand advocate!

Perfect for events management

Are you arranging an exciting industry seminar or a networking event? By enclosing a compliments slip you provide your contacts with the information they need to reach you and sign-up to the event in a format that’s big enough to be noticed in a packed envelope.

Offer exclusive, personal discounts

The final benefit to businesses of compliment slip printing is the ability to retain customers through the use of unique, personalised offers and discounts. Using a simple compliment slip, your business can increase customer loyalty by enticing them with a bespoke prospective discount on their next order, for instance.

As the perfect bridge between business cards and formal company letterheads, compliments slips give you the chance to be creative and show some personality that will help set your brand apart from the rest.

If you would like any further information on compliment slip printing or any other services we provide, please contact the team at Instaprint, who are full of helpful information and tips, and are happy to share their knowledge with you.