In the digital era, something which we can touch, feel and keep can really make an impression. That’s why even though digital campaigning has its advantages, giving your marketing collateral, showcase images and brand stories a physical edge is often able to make the difference.

Hardback book printing can give your organisation a wonderful physical form in which to show off your wares – from project portfolios to company histories and more. We live in a time when offering a downloadable file or a small brochure is nothing out of the ordinary, but hand a recipient hardback books and you might be amazed at the response.

Stand out from your competition

Leafing through a well-produced hardback book is a pleasure, rather than a chore. You can put an even bigger spotlight on your photographs, presentation or key company information by presenting them in the most attractive way possible. It is human nature to give more prominence to a publication which is bound in the form of a book, rather than in a thinner, magazine style. So for the information which matters to your potential customers the most, a hardback book can tick all your boxes.

Hardback books are cost effective

Hardback bookbinding can be seen as a highly expensive print method, but this certainly is not always the case. There are plenty of budget-friendly bulk deals to be had, so shop around for the best price. If you think that an investment in hardback book printing is out of your reach, consider the higher potential return on investment which can come with publications which have more of an impact on your target audience.

Choose your print with care

If you are planning an investment in hardback books for your company, you should consider printing service providers which used the latest digital print technology. That way you can be assured of a quality product which can be produced and delivered in a short time frame. The best printing services can also offer you guidance in terms of the size of your hardbook books, as well as the artwork design itself.

So next time you are planning your print campaign, remember there is nothing wrong with giving it a hard edge!


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