Sounds quite straightforward doesn’t it – after all, how difficult can it be to hand out leaflets? Like with most things though, as simple as it may appear, there are more effective ways of doing this. Planning your leaflet distribution campaign can yield far greater results than just ‘taking a flyer’ at it – no pun intended!

Here are some things you should consider before undertaking a leaflet distribution exercise:  

Design effective leaflets

Pick your target audience

Identify who it is you want to appeal to. A flyer to appeal to a child will look a lot different to one intended for an older audience.

Keep the flyer or leaflet simple

Two reasons for this – firstly, the smaller the leaflet, the cheaper they are to print and produce and, secondly, they’re easier to handle and distribute – A6 flyer printing is ideal. The larger the flyer, the more difficult it is for you to carry and handle and, likewise, a potential reader will more willingly take the leaflet off you if it is easier for them to handle! Use powerful words in simple sentences to get your message across.

Make your flyer interesting

Once again, seems obvious – but, when flyer printing, a flyer design that is eye-catching and displays a bold, clear message, or image, will grab a reader’s attention.

Include contact information

The flyer is of no use if people don’t know who to contact to get information about the product, service or event it is promoting. Make sure you include a contact name, number or social media address.

Create a distribution strategy

Where to deliver your flyers

Identify beforehand, where your target audience live, work, socialise and shop. For example, there’s little point in advertising a new restaurant in town/city, and then distributing your flyers in a completely different area!

Plot your distribution

Identify where you need to walk or drive to reach your target audience. Estimate how many leaflets you are likely to need in each area and make a note of how an area responds and reacts to your leaflets when handed out.

Distribute your flyers at the right time

People are more receptive at certain times of the day, or in particular environments – for example, someone rushing into work at nine o’clock in the morning probably isn’t too interested in your flyer advertising the new vegan restaurant around the corner – but the same person may well be inclined to take notice of it when leaving the workplace at lunchtime!

Handing flyers to customers

Make sure it’s legal

It’s always worth researching local laws in regard to advertising flyers and leaflet distribution. Some areas, or buildings, may be restricted when it come to this sort of practice.

Dress appropriately

Looking like the people you are trying to engage with will always be a help. For example, don’t try distributing flyers on a construction site if you’re dressed in a suit and tie – and, likewise, probably best not to be in ragged jeans and tee-shirt if you’re trying to appeal to the ‘professional’ set!    

Have an approach or ‘pitch’

Prepare what your approach is beforehand – keep it simple and to the point. This will allow you to get your initial message across, but also offer an opportunity for a dialogue if a potential customer wants more information there and then.

Finally, be polite – it, again, seems obvious, but it’s very important. Approach people with a smile and, if they are not interested, simply thank them for their time and move on. 


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