There are many different forms of marketing and advertising vehicles employed by companies in this very competitive business world. One of the most cost effective, especially for smaller businesses with, perhaps, limited marketing budgets is the humble printed flyer!

Easy and quick to design and produce, business flyer printing can return great results from a relatively small investment.

Here are some tips as to how get the best returns from your advertising flyers:  

1. Keep It Brief

Your flyer has restricted space so make the best use of it. You’ll want some artwork and design features, so use the space for written content wisely – include only essential information and deliver it concisely.

2. Divide The Content

An advertising flyer should be designed to make an immediate impact – so don’t display a ‘wall of text’ that will discourage any reader from continuing. Use a design with clear headings and one that is aesthetically pleasing.

3. Bullet Points

A lay-out featuring concise and clear bullet points and charts will make your information easier to understand and to follow.

4. Headline

The first aspect of your advertising flyers to be noticed will be the headline – so make it memorable and interesting so as to encourage the recipient to read further.

5. Instruction and Direction

An effective business flyer will include some definitive instruction you want your reader to react to – a ‘call to action’. This statement should instruct the reader what to do next following reading your flyer – “Call Us” or “Order Now” or some other positive instruction asking your reader to engage with your business. Include directions in the flyer – how to access your website or how to get to your physical premises.

6. Contact Information

Might seem an obvious thing but is often overlooked – there’s no point in garnering people’s attention if they don’t know how to further any enquiry or interest!

Ensure all your contact information is included in your flyer – business premises address, telephone number, website address and any social media platform addresses relevant to your business.

7. Check Your Work

When it comes to business flyer printing, accuracy is very important. Proofread your flyer before printing – if your flyer contains spelling or grammatical errors then it will present a poor impression of your business to the people you are trying to attract.

If you can’t get your advertising materials correct then people may think that your product or service may be equally as shoddy – so always proofread and check your content before submitting it to print.

8. Recommendations

Refer to recommendations and reviews from previous satisfied clients or customers – but, again, ensure that the examples you reference are well written and presented.

9. Colours and Fonts

Marketing research shows that colour can be a great influence on potential customers – certain colours evoke specific emotions and impressions, so choose colours relevant to the product or message you are trying to convey to your readers. Limit the number of different fonts you use in your flyer design – no more than two or three, as multiple typefaces can make your advertising flyer design appear cluttered and uneven.

10. The Right Materials

The material your business flyer is printed on is as important as the content itself – choose durable and good quality paper stock and consider the paper finish – matte and gloss coating can make your flyer appear more professional and enhance the design features.  

11. Photos

If using photographs on your flyer, ensure that they are of high resolution and clear – blurred or unclear photo images will make your advertising flyers look poor quality and unprofessional.

12. Logo

Another tip that may seem obvious – but is, again, often overlooked! Ensure that your company logo is clearly displayed on your flyer – your brand image is vitally important! 

13. Distribution

Think carefully where you want to distribute your advertising flyers – choose your target market and identify areas of high traffic relevant to that demographic and distribute in those locations.


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