Whilst many applications are now produced digitally, printed pieces are still of great importance. Many of us are still much more receptive to something tangible and physical. However, in the current climate, where caring for and protecting the environment is of a greater importance, companies need to look towards more eco-friendly printing methods. In 2019, the UK imported around 8billion GBP worth of pulp, paper and board for printing services – that’s a lot of print! So, by looking at more eco-friendly options that re-use materials or reduce deforestation, you can ensure you are printing pieces that matter, in more ways than one.

Where possible, use recycled paper

One of the best ways to maintain eco friendly printing is to use recycled paper. When paper is recycled, it gets separated and graded into different paper types; it is then cooked in hot water and chemicals to remove toner, laminates and other non-paper products to produce pulp. The pulp is then filters and rolled to create new recycled paper. So, if you’re looking for a simply wat to reduce the environmental impact of any promotion, recycled leaflet printing should be your first choice.

Create a leaflet with purpose

Another way to reduce waste is to create a leaflet that isn’t immediately thrown away. Give thought to what you want it to achieve and the value it will have on the customer. It might be as simple as a adding a promotion or voucher to cash in at a later date. Or an invitation to bring the leaflet back to your store/business with an added benefit. This is an ideal way to encourage recycling of your leaflets as you can take them from the customer and recycle correctly.

You can still create a special finish

Just because you have chosen to use recycled paper, it doesn’t mean you have to forfeit the flare. Some people prefer the unbleached and chlorine-free paper style, known as Kraft paper, and utilise it to create something more natural and earthy. Whilst others prefer their leaflets to still have a fresh, clean and crisp look about them – white paper is simply bleached, and recycled paper can still have this option. You can also still opt for some kind of coating, such as laminate to make your leaflet more substantial and opulent – as laminate can be removed in the cooking process, meaning the paper can be recycled again.

Always recycled leaflet printing

Nowadays, it’s recommended to advertise whether your leaflet has been recycled and to encourage people to recycle again. Whilst paper is technically biodegradable, there’s no telling how long this process can take in a landfill. And with different finishes and coatings, it may prove more harmful to the environment if not recycled properly. Paper can produce methane when it breaks down – a harmful greenhouse gas, so make sure your eco friendly leaflet printing encourages others to be mindful of where they dispose of their trash.

John E Wright – sustainable printing company – eco friendly printing 

Whilst how people dispose of your leaflet shouldn’t be your firsts thought, you want to give careful consideration to this when thinking about your next leaflet and the environment. At John E Wright, we understand the impact that printing has on the environment, and we are committed to making a difference. As members of the Carbon Capture scheme since January 2020, we are actively involved in reducing our impact on the environment.

If you’re in the market for a sustainable printing company that cares about the environment, or are looking for some eco-friendly printing; including eco friendly leaflet printing and recycled leaflet printing, we would love to hear from you. For more information please don’t hesitate to contact your local office or contact us and we’d be delighted to help you. You can also call our head office on: 0115 950 6633