When it comes to creating an amazing gig poster, the Instaprint team know a thing or two. Gig posters are something which we are all familiar with seeing, from simple styles to bold and creative images. To help you design band posters which guarantee to stand out, we have put together this useful poster design checklist.


It is easy to spend hours attempting to design a unique poster, but great design is all about developing and reinventing previous designers’ work. Take your inspiration from the past by researching similar genres and study what works well. If you are looking for something fun and bright, designs from the 80s are great. For a minimalist design which stands out, the 70s was an era of bold yet creative design.


Many budding designers worry too much about the poster’s imagery, but it is also important to spend time considering the appropriate typography. The ideal typography will match the design elements of the rest of the poster. Aim to choose a Sans Serif font, as these are the easiest to read from a distance and will help viewers scan important information.


The imagery should capture the spirit of the band you are promoting. By experimenting with unusual styles and layouts it is possible to create a truly unique design which will really stand out. A simple yet effective technique is to use images in the form of a collage, to display different sides to the band’s style.


The appropriate colours are some of the most important aspects of poster design. The colour choices will determine the mood of the poster and evoke different feelings. To create a sleek, classical style opt for black and white; for a powerful and expressive design choose blue or red tones, which will add energy to the poster.


The texture of a poster is often a forgotten element, but it can bring a poster to life. A stipple brush will add depth to an otherwise flat design and can be used to emphasise certain elements. Many gig posters also use grunge textures effectively, as it quickly adds a vintage, edgier feel.

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