Most businesses spend considerable time and money in marketing their products, or services, by promoting the company brand to potential clients and customers. A sometimes overlooked aspect, though, is their own working environment. Whether you choose to employ an interior branding company to create your premises look, or undertake the design yourself, here are a few office branding ideas you should, perhaps, consider when designing your internal working environment:

Involve your staff

Encourage your staff to get involved when dressing or revamping your office space. Having staff contribute to how the area looks and feels helps foster a sense of belonging and inclusion. Consult with all relevant people – directors, staff, stakeholders – all who have a vested interest in the business. When creating office space branding, it’s important to understand how these people work, and what their requirements are, in order to produce a working space and environment in which they can flourish.

Look at your own website

In trying to accurately identify your company brand, and therefore reflect that in its’ look, consider how you already portray the company to others. Look at your website – and especially how you describe it in things like your job vacancy adverts – try to reflect the outside image you portray internally in your office spaces.

Consider your office location

Where is your business based? You can very often take inspiration and design ideas form the physical location of your business premises. Perhaps consider creating wall murals, or having posters printed, of prominent local features or landmarks – things that reflect your company within that location.

Think about the current features of your internal space

Think about different messages for different spaces within your offices. In the reception and public areas you probably want to highlight and emphasise your brand, product or service. You may, however, wish to portray a slightly more subtle message, or create a different atmosphere, in your internal staff workspace. In these spaces, create areas that relate more to company values and vision, rather than corporate, marketing messages.

Include your key products or services

Consider showcasing your products or services as part of your office design. Perhaps have an example of one of your products as a centrepiece within your reception, or create an internal meeting space around an aspect of an important product or service.

Create an environment that caters for staff requirements

Think about the working processes of your staff and design your office space around them. Does the nature of the work, lend itself to communal, open-plan space, or is there a requirement to create more private and confidential work spaces? Create a physical environment to reflect, and cater for, these requirements.

Keep your office branding simple but eye-catching

You want your office space to be both comfortable and functional, but you also want it to look professional and smart. Dress the space so that it looks contemporary, but not too ‘flash’ – getting the balance right is important.

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