When it comes to creating an impactful leaflet for your event or business, visuals are everything. Hundreds of leaflets are posted through letterboxes each day and your company needs to create a unique piece of art that will stand out amongst the sea of paper on the welcome mat. Colour leaflet printing is a guaranteed way to catch the eye and make people more interested in your brand.

Don’t overpower every side of your leaflets with text

When faced with a blank leaflet, it can be tempting to saturate each side with writing- but don’t. Getting the message of your services across is crucial but this can be achieved in more visually appealing ways and not just through words; lines of sentences in a tiny font size will only discourage people from finding out more about your brand, no matter how fantastic it may be. Double-sided leaflets, in particular, give you more space to fill with a combination of text and colourful images. Infographics are another great way to translate information in a visually appealing way.

Create a unique colour leaflet design

While it is easier to use royalty free stock images to feature on your leaflets, it won’t stand out. Taking your own images presents you as a hardworking brand willing to go the extra mile. The camera on your mobile phone is good enough quality to capture a unique photo free of pixels and you can play with the photo’s colour contrast to add an extra dimension. 

Use colours than correlate with your brand

While colours can make your flyer pop, it is so easy to get carried away, making both your brand and your leaflet look tacky. A more professional and impactful way to inject some colour into the paper is by only using colours that make sense for your brand. Blue is traditionally the colour of business, so you might want to include this colour somewhere on your leaflet if you want to translate a more corporate vibe.


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