Retail companies employ many forms of advertising and marketing in order to entice potential customers and keep ahead of rival competitors. One of the simplest – but most effective and affordable – marketing tools is the humble FSDU.

Here are some aspects to consider regarding the advantages, and use, of free standing displays:

What is an FSDU retail display stand?

An FSDU (Free Standing Display Unit) is a type of flexible display that is used to highlight key products, most typically used in a retail environment. Often constructed of cardboard, they make a popular stand-alone retail display solution by combining practical product storage with an effective and bespoke advertising space. Their lightweight, and therefore, portable design makes them ideal for use at trade shows, conferences and other business events, as well their most common presence in retail outlets.

They provide a highly adaptable, and affordable, in-store tool, or vehicle, for attracting attention and maximising revenue. They can help you to make the most of every product promotion, and increase your customers spend during their visit to your shop/premises.

How an FSDU can help your business

They draw attention

FSDU’s draw attention to a specific product – this makes them effective in prompting impulse buys and therefore boosting sales. FSDU displays located next to point of sale units will especially push those impulse purchases.

They build brand awareness

FSDU’s not only promote more actual sales, but are also effective in building brand awareness. Constant exposure to the images, logos and messages displayed, automatically become lodged in customer’s minds.

Products effectively sell themselves

The products will, effectively, be selling themselves. FSDU’s act a promotional tool that will be viewed by the majority of passing shoppers and will automatically draw the attention of prospective customers.

Boost look of your store

FSDU’s help you organise your space to be more attractive and present a more professional look to your store.

FSDUs are flexible and portable

You can have several FSDU’s in your store advertising different products at the same time. Free standing display are so portable, it is easy to alter your displays to emphasise different products, at different times in different locations.

Increase product visibility

In busy, competitive environments, free standing units will increase your product visibility and maximise your brand awareness against potential competitors.

Things to consider when using FSDU’s


Use bold colours, large brand names and simple messages.


Place FSDU’s at the end of aisles, or alongside point of sale tills, so they are clearly visible. Another useful tip is to position them next to matching, or complementary products – for example, display sauces alongside BBQ food.


Make any text content appropriate and succinct – use a bold headline and make any text ‘benefits-led’.

The Customer

Consider your customer base. Stores that cater for high-end consumers should consider quality display units, whereas price-based stores could use more cost-effective materials.


Keep FSDU’s looking better for longer by adding plastic skirting to the base of the units to protect them from daily wear and tear.

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