It’s not long now until the motorways will once again become heavily populated by ageing little hatchbacks – their drivers eager with rebellious excitement and a thrilling sense of freedom and adventure, and their rear windows completely obscured by an untidily packed mountain of duvets, pillows, play stations and possibly even the odd textbook – plus of course that ubiquitous box of healthy provisions, optimistically donated by doting Mums in the hope that their newly fledged youngsters might not slide into a life of pot noodles and toast for the next three years…

Yes, Freshers Week is looming large

Now is the time to get organised for the annual cacophony of sports clubs, social clubs, student services, bible groups, student bars and nightclubs, banks and pizza delivery services all fighting to get their message heard above the noise and excitement and attract a healthy share of this new crop of eager potential customers.

It’s a wild, crazy, exciting and competitive maelstrom in which every single Fresher is bombarded with countless invitations of all types, and if your message is going to catch their attention it needs to stand out from the crowd and get noticed.

Instaprint printers in Nottingham have been providing creative and powerful freshers week printing for many years, so we have the experience to know what works. From mass produced flyers to stylish glossy leaflets, from posters to cards for handing out in the street; our student printing services are used by just about every type of organisation involved in Freshers week.

For instance, if you’re the membership secretary of the university Snowboard club, then we know you’ll be needing an awesome flyer with sick graphics and a punchy message to convey the non-stop party atmosphere of the clubs’ trips, competitions and social scene. Or if you’re a bank or building society, you’ll have strict corporate branding guidelines to adhere to whilst creating a leaflet which will inform and appeal to this uniquely young and vibrant pool of potential new account holders. Instaprint have an in-house team of talented graphic designers who specialise in student printing services and freshers week printing; and are ready and waiting to discuss your design and format ideas with you and create that special piece of literature which really does get your voice heard above the crowd.

Alongside professional design, we also offer an extensive range of stock weights and finishes and impressive turnaround times to suit all budgets as well as the tightest of deadlines. So if time is running out and you don’t know where to turn – don’t panic, turn to Instaprint in Nottingham and we’ll have the job taken care of in no time.

Whatever freshers week printing you need, or if you’re not sure and could do with some experienced advice, then don’t hesitate to call Instaprint printers in Nottingham on 0115 895 0128 for help with all aspects of student printing services.