Whilst the rise in digital and online marketing has changed the way businesses advertise their products and services, it hasn’t necessarily made more traditional marketing tools obsolete – advertising vehicles such as leaflet and flyer printing can still play a vital role in effectively promoting businesses. Leaflets are cost-effective, quick and easy to produce – especially with modern environmentally friendly printing methods – and provide those physical marketing materials that people recognise and find familiar. Here are some aspects of eco-friendly leaflet printing for you to consider:

Make The Most Of The Space

Generally speaking, printed leaflets do not provide the luxury of space! They are usually A5 sized or smaller, so it is important to make the make the most of the space when considering your leaflet design. Don’t overcrowd the space – you need people to be able to read your message, so simply identify your key message clearly and include the important “call to action” aspect that encourages people to follow-up on your leaflet’s message.


One of the advantages of a printed leaflet is that it is a tangible product – it is something physical and tactile for people to handle therefore making it a more ‘personal’ item. Take advantage of that ‘individual’ nature and build on it by using hand drawn illustrations or lettering in the design – this can add extra detail and make the leaflet feel more personable and original.


Printed leaflets don’t have to be the “anti-digital” alternative – combine the two aspects and utilise digital extras. Perhaps include a QR code to facilitate your “call to action” element and encourage people to visit your website or other media platforms you use or maybe incorporate a discount code for future purchases for your products or services. Leaflets and flyers are the perfect vehicles for infographics, which can present your message without the need for blocks of text – ensure that it is easy to read and clearly conveys your message.


Perhaps the most important aspect of a printed flyer – make it easy to read! Use large font sizes that are familiar to most and use bold colour to highlight the important aspects of contact details and instructions for events and such.


this is a marketing leaflet, NOT an online advert! Whilst making full use of all available marketing vehicles, it is important to remember the function of each individual advertising tool you use – what makes a good online digital advert doesn’t necessarily mean that it transfers effectively to print! Whilst maintaining a consistency in branding and corporate identity through all your marketing materials, always remember to consider the actual advertising medium you are using – simply printing a digital advert often won’t be effective – make the most of the features your printed leaflet offers!

Eco Friendly Printing

As with most products and businesses today, the environmental aspects of your business are important factors – today’s consumers actively seek-out products and services that consider the ecological effects of their trade and contribute to an improved environment. Many print companies now adhere to eco-friendly printing methods and materials to produce their leaflets, flyers and other printed materials – consumers will opt for an environmentally-aware print provider that offers recycled printing services for their marketing and advertising materials.