There are many different ways to advertise your business, some more effective than others. The marketing vehicle your business chooses often depends upon the nature of your business, who you are trying to attract and, obviously, the budget you have for advertising and marketing. A very effective form of corporate signage is to make use of free standing signs. Both post mounted signs and monolith signage can effectively convey the message you want – these are easy to construct and can be prominently placed to the best effect.

Here are some aspects of both signage forms, for you to consider:

Plate and post mounted signs are most common outdoor signs

These signs are the most commonly used, free standing outdoor signage option. They are hardy and durable, therefore offering good value for money as an effective advertising tool. Post mounted signs are classic in design and very simple to construct. The panels can be laminated to add extra resistance to both adverse weather conditions and against the unfortunate aspects of graffiti or vandalism.

Post mounted signs are ideal for use as directional signage – for example in hospital grounds, university campuses, schools and colleges. They can be produced as a simple flat panel sign, either single or double-sided, or in the more impressive formats of infopanel or monoframe systems.

Totems and monoliths create eye catching displays

This form of signage is ideal to create an eye-catching message to display your brand or important information. These free standing signs can be made even more prominent, and effective, with the use of clever illumination. Monoliths, or totem signs, differ from the classic post and plate signs in that any frames, or posts, are hidden from view – the front and back trays wrapping around and concealing any framework. These present a more expensive and high-end image. The use of monolith signs guarantees maximum visibility.

You can often see examples of totem signs on industrial estates, listing the businesses present and their unit number, or location, within the estate. They are also commonly used on roadsides displaying directional information – often illuminated at night – and are especially effective in locations such as hotels, leisure centres and shopping precincts. These signs can be produced as single or double-sided in flat, curved or triangular formats.

These modern and contemporary signs can be custom designed to produce bespoke advertising for your business, and are perfectly suited for outdoor use in rural or urban environments alike.


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