Designing the perfect advertising leaflet involves some thought and preparation to get right. Our tips will set you up for success.

Think about your audience

Know your audience in order to work out what messages need to be promoted on your advertising flyer and the type of imagery and design used. Pin this down as your audience needs to be defined and segmented – attempting to appeal to everyone rarely works. If necessary, produce more than one leaflet.

Work on messaging

Use a copywriter to create some key messaging that can be used across your marketing materials. You need to be able to define your own unique selling point (USP) and the key messages that make your offer stand out and encourage customers to use your product or service. Make sure your leaflet content is punchy and brief and contains a call to action – with several routes of making contact. Make sure the content is checked several times by an eagle eyed proofreader too to avoid any wasted print runs!

Consider imagery carefully

The right image will define the finished look and feel of your advertising leaflets. Don’t use poor quality images – either in terms of artistic value or image quality. All images should be 300dpi so that they are sufficiently high resolution to print beautifully. Use a stock image site if you aren’t planning to commission your own imagery. There are many of these available which offer professional quality images with full usage rights.

Make it easy with an online template

Template systems make it easy to design leaflets online, and they are extremely easy and quick to use. Set parameters mean that a professional design is already in place, giving you the ability to adjust the font size and editable sections such as images without diminishing the quality presentation. There are a wide range of advertising templates available to advertise a range of businesses, so you can quickly find what you need for your own offer and customise it to make it yours.

Additionally, the templates will be pre-set into a variety of approved sizes and print finishes, so that you can select what you need quickly, edit as necessary for your business offer and print quickly and easily to your desired volume. These template solutions are also far more cost-effective than hiring a graphic designer to produce custom materials for you from scratch. Find out more here.

Follow these simple guidelines and your advertising leaflets will have the impact that you want – and drive those all-important conversions!

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