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Throughout February and March we had the opportunity to once again work with the staff and various exhibitors organising this years FORMAT15 Festival in Derby. Established in 2004 this biennial event is largest photography festival in Europe and attracts artists submissions and visitors from around the world.

FORMAT is focused on developing opportunities for audiences to see, debate, develop, contribute and participate in the best of what photography is and can be, with comprehensive professional practice programmes and a yearly International Photography Portfolio Review.

As with previous years we have been able to provide a wide range of printing services to help bring the festival to a wide audience, working with exhibitors to produce creative solutions and professional visualisation.

FORMAT is one of the UK’s leading international contemporary festivals of photography and related media. FORMAT organises a year round programme of international commissions, open calls, residencies, conferences and collaborations in the UK and Internationally. The 2013 festival welcomed over 100,000 visitors from all over the world.

Below are a few of the many projects we have helped with.

Format - Youth Project

The image above shows a chandelier produced by the Youth Forum group. This is made from multiple images printed on transparent acetate and assemble on a frame work before being illuminated. Hanging in a eve space in St Werburghs Church to very atmospheric effect.


Debbie Adele Cooper 022

This from the artist.

“I’ve been artist in residence at W W W Photography since 2013, I approached W W Winter’s during FORMAT13 and asked them if I could work with their archive as their artist in residence, I was inspired by their vast glass plate archive and during my very first visit to their cellar with Australian Artist Misho Branvoic during FORMAT 13 we were told a story of a greenhouse… During World War 2 there was a glass shortage, and as part of the ‘Grow For Britain’ campaign W W Winter gave many of their large glass plate negatives to the Derby public to be made into greenhouses. This story of the Derby public gardening and growing fruit and veg under negative portraits was enchanting, the image of negative greenhouses across the city was an enchanting one, and one that had to be re-made.

John E Wrights were brilliant to work with, I took over some of the glass negatives I had hand made to make sure they captured the same aesthetic and they sent their installation team to apply the transparencies directly to the glass.

One of the reasons I keep coming back to John E Wrights is the customer service, the team members have always delivered high quality work, with great communication during the project and always come and see the show they helped make happen. I look forward to future opportunities where we can work together.”

This piece took pride of place during the opening of the festival and was a very rewarding project to work on. Whilst the original concept of producing the glass panels through photographic processes became problematic, the use of digitally printed transparent materials made the project achievable.

More can be found about the project and the artists work with W. W. Winters in Derby here and here.

Debbie Adele Cooper - 011 Crop



MOBFORMAT is a global open submission which this year has been run through the Instagram social media platform.

“Every day over 70 million photos and videos are shared on Instagram. 70 million visual connections sent into the world – evidence of our need to connect and share our lives with others.

Evidence that is always within reach, a snap and an app away from showing that we exist. Proof provided through a distant double-taps manifest through multiple vibrating notifications.”

Through the period of festival selected images have been produced and placed in the exhibition space with the audience allowed to re-order the images – creating variable dialogues on the theme of Evidence.



We also produced a number of the pieces that make up the centre piece QUAD: BEYOND EVIDENCE exhibition which can be seen in the main gallery at QUAD until the 7th of June.

John E.Wright can provide a huge range of printed materials to help artists bring to fruition their creative projects. From fine art & photographic prints, digital wall coverings, signage and constructed pieces, CAD cut materials, posters, leaflets and marketing materials. We are pleased to have been asked to work with organisation across the Midlands on many prestigious projects and welcome inquiries to expand our abilities in these areas. For more information CONTACT US or email