When people think of marketing, business cards, flyers, leaflets and posters automatically spring to mind.

However, it’s important to consider what you want your flyer design to say about your business – and what you want it to achieve.

Flyer printing can play a crucial role in marketing your organisation, but how many flyers or leaflets do you really stop and take notice of?

Think about it. When was the last time you acted on a flyer, whether buying a product it advertised, or changing your behaviour based on it?

For successful marketing, your flyer design needs to include a call to action, encouraging your target market to do something after picking up your poster, whether it’s following you on social media, contacting you or buying your product over a competitor’s.

So how do you use flyer printing to, not only reach your target audience, but encourage them to interact with you?

Firstly, think about what you want your flyer design to achieve. A sale? A follow on social media? An enquiry? That should provide you with the key information to create a simple, clear and concise message, using clean graphics and simple photography.

If you have a website, always include its address and ensure your flyer design uses the same branding and logos as this and any other marketing materials. Keeping the language, graphics and photography within a set style across your range of marketing materials will help your brand become more established and memorable.

Contact details, including how your audience can follow you on social media, are also a must if you want your target audience to engage with you, rather than just discarding your flyer and forgetting about you.

Why not encourage people to keep your flyer by turning it into a useful object?

Instead of a flyer, why not create a bookmark with your key message and contact details on it? Or perhaps you could include a calendar on the back of your flyer, highlighting key dates for your organisation such as sale and promotional events, which also provides a useful office tool for the recipient?

Including coupons or the offer of a discount if the flyer is presented is also a good tactic.

Flyer design, flyer printing and distribution should be just the beginning.

The result will hopefully be long term relationships and repeated custom with a wide target audience for many years to come!