Who says flyering is a thing of the past? Using flyers could actually be your next big marketing tool and may be highly beneficial to your business. Here are a few benefits to flyering and why you would be mad to miss out on the current trend:

1. Reaches a large audience

Unlike online marketing such as social media and blogging which are often the most common marketing forms, flyering actually targets your audience directly and has greater impact on local clients. If your company relies on local business, there is nothing better than approaching people face-to-face with a flyer or brochure, or using them as advertisements in local shops.

2. Visually appealing

Marketing your business through flyering can be highly beneficial, if your design stands out above the rest. With the correct flyer, you can attract new clients just by the visual impact that it has, over any other forms of marketing. Ensure that your leaflet creates a sense of intrigue with the overall design by using impressive fonts, spacing and colours, which portrays the image of your brand effectively.

3. Concise information

Flyers tend to contain minimal information which leads to a sense of intrigue. To ensure your message gets read; use bold headings which promote the message of your brand clearly, striking graphics which define your products and services, as well as sharp, concise writing which gives the right amount of information about your brand. Flyers aim to highlight the key message of your company in the most quick and effective way possible in order to contend with short attention spans!

4. Physical copy

Unlike online forms of marketing, some people prefer having a physical item in their hands, which they can keep for long periods of time and then refer back to whenever it suits them. Often, keeping track of online promotions is difficult, whereas a flyer or brochure can be stored in a drawer until the potential client is in need of your service.

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