Flyers are a great marketing tool for attracting attention to your products or a particular event. To get the right kind of impact from your flyer, however, pay attention to how it looks. Here are some of the most common flyer design mistakes to avoid.

Packing in too much information

You’ve only got limited space on your flyer, but that doesn’t mean to say you should cram in as much information as you possibly can. A cluttered flyer design can prevent people actually reading it. Stick to the main facts, and if you want to give people the opportunity to find out more, provide a web link or Q code.

Poor quality images

Even if your online flyer design contains compelling text, if it comes with shoddy images, you’ll instantly lower its quality and credibility. Steer clear of images that are blurry or pixelated, after all, what use is an image if you can’t see it properly?

Forgetting essential details

Make sure your flyer design includes everything that a reader will want to know. This includes the what, why, who, where and when of the event or promotion. It will prove costly and time consuming if you print off hundreds of flyers only to discover you’ve forgotten to include the time or date of an event, or vital contact information.


There’s no excuse for creating a flyer that includes spelling mistakes, incorrect use of punctuation or sloppy grammar. Make sure all the essential details are accurate, too. Always get your flyer proofread before going to print. Avoidable mistakes can reflect badly on your brand, making you appear unprofessional.

Bad design choices

Designing a flyer takes skill, where all the elements need to work together to create an eye-pleasing effect. Choose your fonts and colours carefully, to ensure they work in harmony with each other, and don’t clash or turn readers off. In particular, use fonts that are easy to read, so that content can be skimmed quickly. Design your headline to stand out – and make it punchy!

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