Businesses are constantly looking for different ways to effectively market and advertise their products or services. Indeed, most businesses will be utilising the more obvious tools for doing so – signage on the outside of their premises, perhaps the same on some merchandise – carrier bags, company vehicles and such. What is an often overlooked opportunity to market your business though, is the use of floor surfaces, both within your own business premises and beyond. Floor sticker printing is an eye-catching and versatile advertising medium to use.

Here are some aspects of using floor graphics to promote your business:

Product advertising

Floor graphics are an effective tool for emphasising specific products – perhaps you want to draw customer’s immediate attention to your most popular items or biggest sellers. Prominent floor stickers can be used to steer customers directly to a specific aisle, or section, of your premises – perhaps you have certain stock that you are eager to move out before other products, so customers can be guided directly to them.

These unique graphics can also be used as a sales aid by maneuvering customers to associated products – for example, if someone is buying paint from a specific aisle then, from that aisle, floor graphics can prompt them in a certain direction to, perhaps, paint brushes or other associated products, that they may not have initially considered purchasing.

Unusual advertising places

One of the most important aspects of any advertising or marketing is making that initial impact. An effective tool to achieve that is the element of surprise!

People will often notice something that is ‘out of the ordinary’ – so placing floor graphics in unusual places will automatically draw their attention. If you’re walking around a retail outlet, you won’t be surprised to see stickers on the actual shop floor – you may though, be surprised to see them on the floor of a lift, or perhaps on the individual steps of an escalator or flight of stairs. It is always worth considering where people are likely to congregate – there will naturally be footfall in these areas, therefore making them effective marketing opportunities.

Advertising opportunities

It is an obvious consideration to use floor graphics around your own business premises, but you should also consider their use ‘off site’, as such. There is always some kind of event being held locally – something that will be drawing a crowd at a specific time or for a specific period. Explore the possibility of speaking with event organisers to discuss whether you can be laying floor decals, advertising your business, at these events.

Similarly, consider the possibilities of using the floor of community buildings – libraries, health centres, schools and such – these are good opportunities for you to access and influence potential customers who have not actually visited your business premises.

Directional / wayfinding signage

An obvious use of floor stickers is to provide direction – whether it is to point customers to specific items or sectors of your business, or to formally guide customers around your business premises. Well-planned and laid out floor decals, informing customers which way to navigate around the premises, allow you to ensure that they visit every part of your building, therefore exposing them to all of the items or products you have to offer them.


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