When considering your marketing budget for advertising and graphics, it may be tempting to forget about floor graphics – but that would be a mistake. One of the most effective and unique forms of marketing, floor graphics can be used as an inventive tool to encourage purchases. And with other brands under-utilising this option for their marketing campaigns, there’s never been a better time to choose this interesting form of marketing for your retail products.

Floor graphics offer a different perspective

On-shelf and point of sale advertising might be effective when you’re searching for a specific product, but consumers who enter retail stores without a specific focus are as plentiful as those who do. These more opportune shoppers are an excellent target for floor graphics, offering them an attention-grabbing and interesting way to encourage them to pay attention.

How often do you look at the floor in a supermarket? From low-lying shelves to moving items to a basket or trolley, it’s more often than you’d think. Custom floor decals can play on this time, leaving you with even more visibility than other forms of advertising.

Get imaginative with your space

From trompe l’oeil type designs that encourage viewers to pay attention and even take action, through to bright, vibrant and appealing motifs, floor stickers give advertising another dimensionality in comparison to more traditional marketing methods, and often you have far more space to work with than with on-shelf advertising or even posters and point of sale.

With floor graphics, you can set your imagination free, and create something that’s truly representative of your brand, without worrying about the space you have.

Provide guidance

Want to attract consumers to your product? They don’t need to be standing in front of the shelf to do so. Floor graphics, in addition to offering a new and inventive way to advertise your product, can also act as a waypoint in a busy store – directing shoppers’ attention to your products via anything from clearly visible signage to simple directions or even footprints.

There are hundreds of ways to draw attention to what you’re selling with the clever use of floor graphics.

If you think floor graphics could be the perfect addition to your product advertising, or you’re looking for an inventive new way to promote your brand, floor graphics can offer you all that and more.


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