Vinyl floor graphics are often used in businesses for both informational and promotional purposes. The use of footprint stickers to lead a customer to a certain promotion, floor stickers to highlight a certain brand, floor graphics are often also used at trade shows to drive flow around exhibitions.

The temporary nature of floor graphics means they are ideal for use as social distancing signs and informational tools for customers and staff during the current Covid-19 lockdown.

Businesses That Are Considered Essential

Official advice is that people stay at home where at all possible but if a person is a key worker or is unable to access online shopping options this may not be possible. Businesses that are considered essential are allowed to remain open, these businesses include food retailers and off licenses, pharmacies, banks and building societies, pet shops, petrol stations, post offices, public transport, and a range of health based services – including optometrists and dentists.

Services that remain open obviously have a duty to ensure that anyone on their premises is protected and that social distancing is observed as far as it is possible to do so. The Health and Safety Executive say that whilst they will attempt to provide flexibility considering the unusual circumstances they will also, if needs be, issue enforcement notices to secure improvements in line with PHE guidance.

Social Distancing Guidance

If a person is unable to stay at home there are certain social distancing guidelines they are expected to follow. Repeat hand washing for at least 20 seconds and a 2 metre distance from others are key points.

Social distancing has become a part of everyday life but in a commercial setting it can be difficult for customers and sometimes staff to judge the distances that need to be kept in order to comply with advice. Vinyl floor graphics are ideal for clearly showing people the distances that need to be kept and floor stickers are ideal for giving directional advice to customers, providing an adequate health and safety driven flow around your business.

Floor stickers are best for indicating the 2 metre distance required. If you have a footprint stickers queue laid out for people to follow they will have a visual representation of the amount of space they need to keep between themselves and the next person in the queue.

For customers the use of floor graphics also provides some trust and confidence in your brand as you have taken the care to invest in keeping them safe whilst they visit you.

Indoors or Outdoors

Vinyl floor graphics can be used indoors or outdoors. Many businesses are now having to ask people to queue outside before entering the premises and being able to use temporary but durable floor stickers to direct customers before they even reach your doors is becoming a necessity. Our graphics are provided with an anti-slip coating and fully meet the health and safety standards for use of floor graphics in public spaces.

Quality And Professionalism

We use only high quality materials for our floor stickers – they are designed to be durable and hard wearing whether being used inside or outside your business premises.

We offer full project management and installation services regardless of the size of your project. In addition, we are always happy to provide advice on graphic design and placement of floor graphics based on your needs.


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