Some people may consider advertising a business, or an event, by way of distributing advertising flyers as a bit old-fashioned – but, as’ traditional’ as it may seem, flyer printing and distribution is still an extremely effective form of marketing.

An innovative and striking flyer design can grab the attention of those who recieve it, and prompt interest and attendance to any event – here are some forms of event flyer distribution you should consider utilising:

Direct mail 

A tried and trusted distribution channel – if you already have a target list of potential attendees, then contact them directly by sending your event flyers to them through the mail. Depending upon your budget, and the number of flyers you have to dispatch, then you can either, print off labels and fill the envelopes yourself, or, for larger quantities, identify a local mailing agent and negotiate a rate with them to dispatch your flyers to your mailing list.

Door to door delivery

If budget is an issue, then an effective way to spread your flyers is to use-up the shoe leather!

If you don’t have a specific mailing list, then simple door-to-door, physical delivery will access a certain number of potential attendees for your event. Identify exactly whom you are trying to attract to the event, then research the best potential areas, geographically and facility-wise – for example, if you are targeting students, then the nearest college or university campus would be appropriate – and deliver in those areas.

Utilise local services and shops

Making use of local facilities and outlets is a cost-effective and efficient way to spread your message. Ask local businesses and shops if they will allow you to post, and leave, flyers in their premises – shop windows, display tables, leaflet holders can all be used to distribute your advertising flyers.

Identify which type of businesses your target audience are likely to utilise and approach them first – and any facility that the general public attend daily – places with waiting rooms, such as medical centres, libraries, hairdressers are all good outlets for distributing your event flyers.

Digital distribution

At the other end of the scale, modern social media facilities and outlets offer the opportunity to digitally distribute your event flyer to large numbers of people. Depending upon your target audience, you can choose what you think will be the most effective media outlets – Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, LinkedIn – all offer the opportunity to reach large numbers of people in one go!

If one media outlet appears to be particularly effective, then you may consider some financial outlay for extra promotion through that channel. If your business, or event, has an appropriate website, then feature your advertising flyer on that, or utilise a blog to help spread the event details and images of the flyer itself.

One final thought to consider – tell as many people as you can about your event – word of mouth always comes across as personal recommendation – the very best form of advertising!