A letterhead is an essential form of business communication as well as a significant part of the company image. If you are hiring a letterhead printing company, ensure that you provide the following details:

Business name

Your letterhead is part of the company’s identity and hence should include the business name. The name should also be accompanied by the physical address where the business premise is located. If you are a sole trader, add your name to your letterhead.

Your company logo

Your company logo is a symbol of your business as a brand. Include it in your letterhead so that your correspondence has an instantly recognisable and official quality. Letterheads are mainly used for mailing, but they also contribute to brand awareness. Anywhere suppliers and consumers see your logo, they will identify it even without the business name or yours.

Type of company

Most companies prefer to be limited liabilities. Besides the business name, indicate the nature of your company with abbreviations. Stakeholders of your business need to know this small but essential detail of your business.

Contact details

The letterhead will be incomplete if it does not have contacts for the owners or the business. Include all forms of communication available for stakeholders. For instance, add the office phone and fax numbers, website address and email.

Social profiles

Modern businesses are taking the major opportunities that social media platforms are giving them. Adding the name of your social page on the letterhead will lead people to those pages, and they will learn more about your business.

Your company letterhead printing should preferably be done by experienced printers who can offer you a quality finish and a range of paper types. By following the above format and using a professional printing company, you can ensure you put your business across in the best light possible.


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