Envelope printing is usually considered a straightforward expense. Used properly though, the envelopes you use to send out for your business can support your brand, help develop your relationship with customers, optimise your marketing, and even increase your revenue.

More cost effective

While it is possible to use your office printer for printing envelopes, it is neither cost effective nor will it be the most productive. For mass mail outs, a printing company with a professional print and distribution system can offer a lot more options, in the fraction of the time it would take a business to print the same number and for less cost.

Modern printing technology can now, for example, allow businesses to use a wide range of stocks and envelope sizes. Simply adding a bit of colour or visual flair to an envelope will increase the likelihood that it will be opened, and is useful when sending out promotional mail-outs to your business database, for example.

Build your brand

By using your logo, or even just the colours that represent your business, you will help build brand recognition with your customers. Particularly useful for envelope stock to be stored in the office for occasional use, having professionally printed envelopes that match your letterhead, or the colours used on the letterhead, adds a sophisticated sense of continuity to your brand.

Represent your business goals

Your target audience may also respond well to trust building strategies, such as having a tagline that represents your business goals or mission statement on the envelope. The space on the envelope can also be made use of for promotional purposes, perhaps for an event, or a discount offer. This also increases the likelihood that the envelope will be retained, and not immediately binned.

Ask the experts

When it comes to envelope printing, Nottingham firm Instaprint has had a lot of experience, having been in operation since 1976. Its professional experts can work with your designs, or create original artwork for you. You can tap into their experience by contacting the team at Instaprint, on 0115 941 8123 who are full of helpful tips and knowledge which will allow you to design personalised envelopes  to create maximum impact.