The impact a flyer makes is determined in a split second by the recipient. Do they study it keenly, pocket it for future reference, or discard it without a second’s further thought?

There are a number of handy techniques for grabbing a reader’s attention, and keeping it. Here we look at some key elements in flyer design, and describe how they could work for you.

Hard hitting headline

A flyer is no different to the newspaper you pick up at your local shop, in that the first thing you are likely to read is the headline. Just like the editors that seek the dramatic headline, the largest, boldest text on your flyers should be sharp, punchy, and entice the reader to want to learn more.

Talk directly to your recipient

Whether a flyer has been given from hand to hand, or picked up at a recipient’s discretion, most of the time it should speak to the holder directly. Try to use phrases such as “you” and “your” in the text, as this will ‘talk’ to the person that is reading your flyer, rather than in more general terms.

Get organised

Above all else, your flyer should be clear. Colours should contrast with each other in order to make them stand out more. Text shouldn’t be crammed in, rather it should be organised into clear sections, with the general rule of a headline, some other key points in smaller fonts, and then any other information that needs to be included in smaller font still, near the bottom of the flyer.

Grab attention with graphics

It is amazing the power that a single image or drawing can have, focusing the attention of the reader immediately. You can really make a difference by using one striking visual, rather than several pictures that compete for centre stage. The image may not be directly related to your product or service, but it should lead the reader to where you want them to be.

So there you have it – some pointers for achieving a brilliant flyer design. And don’t forget to include a way of tracing your campaign’s success, such as a QR code or promotional code on each copy.

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