How do you make your branding stand out from the competition? Digital foil printing adds an eye-catching finish that can call attention to your brand, while delivering a tactile experience that gives your branding an edge.

Branding starts with the eyes

Successful branding is first and foremost a visual experience. Using foil embossing is a savvy way to be visually re-inventive without losing the strength of your core branding message. As the market grows and your customer has a harder time differentiating between the different products and services on offer, the subtle use of foil embossing can play an important role in brand enhancement.

Elevate your branding

By adding visual appeal to your marketing with foil embossing, you’ll elevate your branding in your customer’s eyes. There’s a reason that big corporations use foil printing to enhance their brand – it’s a technique that delivers an upmarket look and feel that attracts the attention and strengthens the authenticity of your business.

From plain to sophisticated

Foil embossing is not just visually exciting. The subtly raised surface adds an extra dimension that elevates your branded packaging or business card from the plain to the sophisticated. It’s the kind of attention to detail that convinces prospective clients that you’re a brand to take notice of, without using visual tricks and gimmicks that can be a complete turn-off.

Refine your identity

Using foil embossing across every piece of your corporate printing says something about the way you position yourself as a business. This is a particularly strong strategy when you’re updating your brand and want to give it added value. Unique textures and attention grabbing graphical elements can be enhanced with digital foil printing in a way that immediately elevates your business card, catalogue or labels.

Make it shine

Whether you prefer the luxury of gold, the subtlety of silver, on-trend rose gold or a glint of copper, Instaprint can add that dash of dazzle to your logo and graphics to take them from ordinary to amazing. Whether you choose your own design or let us create something special for you, adding shine with foil printing will enhance your branding in a way your customers will love.


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