Most people enjoy a trip to a museum – wandering around various themed displays, taking in the exhibits. Most museums now have interactive displays, helping provide more interest and a ‘fun’ element for kids (of all ages!) along with the historical and informational aspects of the displays. Often though, museums are big, widespread buildings with a large area to cover on a visit and are, sometimes, not always that easy to navigate your way around without missing something!

Clear and effective museum signage and wayfinding is, therefore, an important aspect of any display. Here are some ways museum signage can be made both informative and attractive:

Floor Graphics

What better way to direct people around the preferred route within a museum than to use the actual floor they walk on? Floor graphics can be used to guide visitors – simple, directional arrows can clearly define the intended flow of foot traffic but, nowadays, digital printing options allow for more adventurous and innovative displays. You can have high definition images laid out across your floors and marry them with interesting, colourful and impressive wall graphics. Both the walls and the individual treads of a staircase can be utilised to direct people around the building in an informative and interesting way.

Wall Coverings

You can use wall coverings for a host of things in a museum, including information and direction. Whether you are using large format printing to produce large wallpaper murals or printed graphics, that can incorporate modern technology, then digital wallpapers are a very effective way to both inform and interest patrons enjoying the museum displays. All kinds of material signage can make up part of your visual display – printed wallpaper, soft fabric internal wall coverings, as well as vinyl cut graphics and lettering.


Traditional display stands are still an effective tool, along with banners and pop-up stands – however, they can now be combined with a more modern approach to museum signage, with signs being placed off walls on pins, creating an almost 3D effect and creating displays with more depth and interest.

Information boards and interpretation panels can also be installed at various pertinent locations around the museum providing information and guidance.

The essence of a trip to a museum is for both enjoyment and education – interesting and innovative museum signage and wayfinding adds to that overall experience, whilst ensuring you are able to access ALL the displays available.

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