Businesses, both small and large, use compliment slips on a daily basis – they are a professional way of acknowledging, and communicating with, your valued customers or clients. They are often the best business stationery with which to respond quickly and informally to a client request or communication.

When considering your compliment slip printing requirements, here are some aspects to take into account in regard to the design, content and quality of your printed compliment slips:   

Accurately represent your brand

Whatever design or content you include on your printed compliment slips should accurately reflect your brand. Design customised compliment slips that include an element that is unique to your brand or business and is instantly recognisable as you!

Keep your design simple

One of the main functions of a compliment slip is to acknowledge your customers. There is limited space on your compliment slip design, so make the most effective use of it by keeping any content short, simple and to the point! Make any wording concise, relevant and meaningful.

Print on quality materials

Your aim is to present your customers with a printed compliment slip that they find attractive, is meaningful and that they may want to keep. To this end, ensure you use quality materials – if your customer is going to carry around your compliment slip, it should feel good as well as look attractive.

Using quality paper will make the slip more tactile, as well as being a reflection on yourself and your business. Your business stationery is often the thing that connects you regularly with your customers – quality stationery will suggest quality in other aspects of your business or service – and, likewise, poor quality stationery will leave a lasting, negative impression!

Clearly convey important information

You want your compliment slip design to have an impact and convey your important information – ensure that it is easy and pleasant to read. Keep the fonts you use simple – some of the more “fancy” fonts may look attractive, but are often difficult to read – therefore defeating the purpose!

Content is the main purpose

Ensure the main purpose of the compliment slip is catered for – to acknowledge and address the recipient. Any information or message you wish to convey in the slip content should be straightforward and simple to read and understand.


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