In the UK, we print a lot of items, from small scale items to large scale items, and the total amount of paper used per year is the equivalent to a forest the size of Wales! This creates a lot of C02 emissions and reduces the number of trees in the UK significantly. Both of which, need to stop in order to protect our environment and help save the planet. Eco-friendly printing reduces the number of trees being cut down by using recycled paper, further improving our carbon footprint. So, what’s the deal with eco-friendly printing? How does it work, and why should we use it? Let’s take a look:

Eco-friendly printing

In a nutshell, eco-friendly printing involves the application of green innovations to minimise the impact on our environment. These can be applied through three main elements in the printing process – the printing technology, the ink and the print materials. By adopting any one of these green technologies, pollution, waste and energy consumption can all be reduced; helping to save the planet, one print at a time.

Recycled and recyclable paper

The main way we can help reduce the carbon footprint and incorporate more eco-friendly printing is to adopt the use of recycled and/or recyclable paper. We recycle approximately 80% of paper in the UK, so by actively choosing recycled or recyclable paper, you can be sure you are supporting a sustainable printing process. Recyclable paper can be reprocessed into new paper and carboard products. And recycled paper is paper that already includes content from previously used materials. At John E Wright, we produce a range of recycled print products.

Evolution Digital Uncoated

At John E Wright, our range of recycled paper print products are made using Evolution Digital Uncoated. It’s a smooth 100% recycled paper for digital print applications, and is ideal for producing environmentally conscious printed communications, such as business stationery printing. What’s more, the C02 emissions from every sheet of Evolution Digital Uncoated have been mitigated through a Carbon Capture scheme run by the Woodland Trust.

Carbon Capture – and what is John E Wright doing to help?

The Carbon Capture scheme run by the Woodland Trust is designed to offset C02 emissions and reduce companies overall carbon footprint. At John E Wright, we have also elected to Carbon Capture all our paper purchases with 100% of the Carbon Capture charge going directly to the Woodland Trust to plant native woodland in the UK. And as of January 1st 2022, 66,712 tonnes of carbon have been captured and 266,000 trees have been planted.

John E Wright printing service – the eco-friendly choice 

At John E Wright, we understand the impact that printing has on the environment, and we are committed to making a difference. As members of the Carbon Capture scheme since January 2020, we are actively involved in reducing our impact on the environment.

If you’re in the market for a printing service that cares about the environment, or are looking for some eco-friendly printing, from business stationary to larger scale prints, we would love to hear from you. For more information please don’t hesitate to contact your local office or contact us and we’d be delighted to help you. You can also call our head office on: 0115 950 6633