Your dissertation is a very important document – one of the most important documents you will ever create.  Possibly the most important, as it can have such a profound influence not only on your final degree result but also on your prospects thereafter.  Therefore you need to make every possible effort to make it the best it can possibly be – to paraphrase Voltaire: “the best of all possible dissertations”.

What goes inside it – i.e. the content – is regrettably beyond the remit of this article, although we’ll give you some useful links below.  What it looks like, however, is what we specialise in.  And please don’t underestimate the importance of what it looks like – we all know the importance of first impressions (which you can only make once).  Rightly or wrongly, if your dissertation looks good – is professionally bound, uses quality paper and an excellent print finish etc. – the person or people marking it will subconsciously be predisposed towards it.  And the opposite applies too.

Dissertation Design Options

When comes to the design of your dissertation we provide three options to choose from:

  • You can upload your own design if you have one
  • You can choose to add your fantastic content to on our existing dissertation design templates.
  • We can design your dissertation for you.

Which ever option you choose, our team can make sure it looks brilliant and your dissertation is printed to the highest quality. 

We can’t write your dissertation

Unfortunately we can’t write your dissertation for you, that ones on you. However, we can suggest so helpful articles which can help you through any writers block and give you new ideas and inspiration.

Aiming for excellence in the dissertation

How to plan your dissertation

How to write your dissertation

Completing your dissertation without tears

How to write the perfect dissertation

Our dissertation printing services are included as part of our complete student services. Every year we work with students across Nottingham and surrounding areas to create the perfect document. This includes binding, colour and black and white prints, and end of year books.

Here At Instaprint

We have been supplying a large and ever-growing range of high quality print products since the 1970’s.  We supply business stationery, promotional products, printed NCR, signs, display boards, canvas prints, booklets, leaflets, flyers, labels, stickers, banners, posters, calendars – you name it we probably do it.  And if we haven’t before we’ll see if we can help you out.

To make life even easier for you, you can select from one of our many templates, upload your own artwork, or even ask our own brilliant in-house design team to create your artwork for you.

To find out more about our student printing services click here.