Business cards.  Who needs them?  Who even looks at them any more?  We live in a more advanced age now, a digital age, and business cards belong to the era of quill pens and ink pots.

Everything we need to find out is online.  Everything.  And that includes all the possible contact details we could ever possibly want.  So the old-fashioned low-tech business card is dead.

Or is it?

Why use Business Cards at all any more?

  • over 27 million business cards are printed
  • a card with colour will be held onto up to 10 times longer than a black and white card.
  • your details won’t be lost or inaccessible once the computer/phone/tablet is switched off (or runs out of charge).

This is all well and good, I hear the sceptics say, but the fact remains that they are no longer necessary – and that’s the point.  They have simply been superseded.  Some people may hang on to them for a while, but so what?  Nothing comes of it, does it?

So how about this statistic?

  • for every 2,000 card given out, sales will increase by 2.5%

Really?  Is that a fact?

Er, yes!

What makes business cards so special then (in other words, why do we bother?)

Well, it’s quite a lot to do with impact, and quite a lot to do with trust.

A Chinese tycoon by the name of Guangbiao Chen has the following titles on his business card:

  • China earthquake rescue hero
  • Most prominent philanthropist of China
  • China’s foremost environmental preservation demolition expert
  • Most influential person of China

Now, if you were given that card, you’d probably be impressed (as well perhaps as slightly amused!).

Here are some more interesting examples:

  • Employees at Lego give out miniature plastic figures with their contact details stamped on them
  • McDonald’s business cards are shaped like a portion of fries
  • Bon Vivant, a Brazilian cheese-monger, uses a miniature cheese-grater as its card
  • A Canadian divorce lawyer once gave out cards that can be torn in two – one half for each of the feuding spouses. Ouch!

And one of our personal favourites, on the business card of the most interesting man in the world (and if you don’t know who he is, you’ll find him easily on the internet!)

  • I’ll call you

Brilliant, isn’t it?

There’s a serious point to all of this

These examples certainly have impact.  But just like the age-old tradition of shaking hands (dating back to when people regularly carried swords!) the exchange of business cards is a vital step in the building of a relationship with someone.  Their card tells you who they are; it gives you their personal contact details – thus saying that it’s ok to get in touch; it tells you their role (very important this one, especially if you’re the most influential person of the UK); and all of this helps to build trust

So how do I get brilliant, memorable business cards?

It’s actually quite straightforward.  In fact, there are just 3 things you need to do – and they all overlap:

  1. Use your imagination!
  2. Think about a design that will genuinely differentiate you
  3. Find a brilliant supplier

And that’s it.  And you’ve already achieved point 3!

Business card printing in Nottingham

And not only in Nottingham incidentally – we deliver nationwide!

We can help you end up with a card design that will set you apart from your competition.  You can upload your own artwork, or choose from one of our vast range of wonderful templates – where the hard work has already been done for you.  Here are some examples:

 business card


















See our many, many more creative, innovative, eye-catching, memorable and brilliant designs – there’s bound to be one just right for you!

What next?

It’s easy!

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