Digi Foil 01

We can now offer an improved product for all types of student projects, thesis bindings, dissertations and end of term document submissions.

The Digi-Foil System allows us to print gold  & silver foil text and solid logo’s directly onto black hard back document covers, flexible poly-covers, frosted acetate and printed and laminated case-bound and perfect bound books.

Unlike the limitations of font and amount of lettering that was inherent in the system we have previously offered the Digi-Foil system allows us to print directly from a Word document even when it includes a University logo or crest. Our staff will be able to advise if the detail is reproducible when you submit your files. Just supply the text content you need for the cover as a Word file and your internal pages as a PDF document. We will check these for suitability and then produce the documents you require.


Digi Foil 02

We still offer a speedy two day turnaround* as standard and if needed we can provide an express service at an additional cost.

Foil printing starts at £18.00 for poly covers (Black, Red & Blue) and increases to £35.00 for hard back covers**. Discounts are applied to requests for multiple copies of the same document.

We also provide all printing services for internal pages subject to your requirement.

Digi-Foil can also be applied to frosted poly covers, printed case-bound & perfect bound books and in some cases printed paper and card substrates. Prices for this quoted according to requirement.

Call or email you local office for more information or contact us through the web site HERE

*Turnaround may increase by a day for customers outside of Nottingham to allow for delivery. Talk to your local office about your requirement.

**Prices are quoted exclusive of VAT when applicable. Printed and bound documents can be Zero Rated. Bindings services on pre-printed materials are Standard Rated.