A postcard flyer can work on a number of levels. When we design flyers we should be aiming for something that might be a give away, but is certainly not a ‘throw away’. For this reason, a postcard works well as it has a tangible use, as well as displaying aesthetic qualities which may encourage a recipient to keep it.

Rather than just a stream of impactful information, however, postcard printing begs other questions of a designer that are different from the normal rule set that would be applied to a flyer. Here we take a look at some issues to bear in mind:

Marry headline and graphic

As is the case with standard flyers, the headline should take precedence over other text on the page, but with a postcard careful consideration should be given to its alignment, and relationship, with the main graphic. Ideally the two should complement, rather than compete with each other. A graphic can serve to reinforce a headline, drawing a viewer’s attention to it.

Colours that complement

The colours you use should bring out the best in the text you include – particularly the headline. If your text is drowning in colours, you might want to think carefully about toning them down in order to give your text the complementary background it needs.

Make an offer

If your postcard flyer is designed to support a product or service, make sure you’re spelling out an offer for the viewer somewhere within the content. You need to give the viewer a reason to enquire, so make sure you do this by including clearly what you can do for them.

Clear branding

Similarly, it is essential the recipient knows who the offer is from, and what they do. Your company logo or motto should have a degree of prominence. Just because you are sending a postcard rather than a standard flyer, it doesn’t mean you can leave out the essential information.

So there is a few tips on getting your postcard printing right. In the age of online marketing, direct marketing campaigns involving postcards and flyers can make an even bigger impact when executed correctly.

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