At Instaprint, we offer a range of bespoke solutions for your business’ printing needs, allowing you to customise and alter existing templates made by our professional graphic designers, or upload your own graphics. A6 postcard size is one that we’d heartily recommend for printing those all important flyers and getting your voice heard in the local area – they fit neatly into letterboxes, can be easily picked up from the flyer tables of local cafes or bars, or can simply be given to people on the street. Let’s take a look at how our template system works, and how you can customise, filter, edit and alter to suit your needs and quickly design postcards online. It only takes three steps!

Step #1 – Choose a design

Firstly, take a look at our postcard designs to find one that suits you – you can closely filter them on the left-hand side, by size, industry and style. You can choose more busy or more minimalist options depending on the amount of information that you plan to convey. An item that is simply there to remind customers of your business or presence will require less – perhaps just a logo and contact info – whereas a flyer for a specific deal or service may need extra.

Step #2 – Choose your options

After you have chosen a design to suit you, you are given a chance to customise materials and use our handy calculator to consider the costs. Here, you can choose everything from lamination and paper weight, to delivery times and quantity. Your choices will then be processed into a black and white price for you.

Step #3 – Edit your design

This is the part in which you can express the USPs of your business, or list the upcoming promotions that you might have. Every aspect of the copy provided in the template is able to be tailored to your needs – simply click on the ‘edit’ signs dotted around, choose your fonts, spacing and other aspects, and you’re away! Make sure that your postcards fit with the aesthetic of your business, and include your main selling points in bold, or in a separate box. Remember, they need to stand out from the crowd!

After these steps are completed, your order is ready for us to take care of. With happy customers up and down the country, and a convenient, professional service, Instaprint Nottingham is your one-stop shop for business printing. Contact our team, who are full of helpful tips and knowledge which will allow you to design postcards online using our postcard templates to create maximum impact.