Getting the right elements in place to create a great-looking postcard can be tricky, but if you’re looking to reach your target market and get a response straight away, then postcards could be well worth considering. Here we’ve laid out some of the fundamentals that we believe make for great postcard design …

Keep it clean

You’ve decided on your message and you know who you want to target, so the last thing you want to happen is for your message to get lost amongst clutter. In order to effectively communicate with your target market, it’s best to keep your message as simple as possible and make sure your visuals enhance your message instead of taking attention away from it. To ensure this happens, it’s recommended that you opt for a clean composition as opposed to a crowded one, that way you can be sure you’re communicating the exact message you want to.

Think about colour

You’d be surprised by the amount of businesses who don’t pay attention to their colour schemes when it comes to postcard design. If you want your postcard to work, then the colour needs to be carefully and intelligently incorporated into the design. Not only do you want to grab your target’s attention, but you want to make sure that the colours represent your brand. It’s a good idea to include your corporate colours and logo, if you have a well-designed website, then your postcard could reflect that too. Simply include some design elements from your site and you’ll have a consistent message across all your marketing materials, and that consistency will help you greatly if you want to stay in the mind of any potential clients.

The right image

If you’re going to use imagery on your postcard, then make sure it works and is of high quality. If it’s possible, you should always look to create your own imagery, or at least make sure you’re thinking about the aesthetics when sourcing it. It doesn’t look too good if you’re handing out a postcard that has a stock image of an office worker or an image that’s vaguely relevant to your business. Instead, you should be looking to set the tone with your imagery, ensuring that your postcard relates to your target audience. Hire a professional and get some great shots of your premises, your workers and your real customers.

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