Alfresco dining is the perfect way to provide your restaurant, café or bar with an increased seating area. A high-quality café barrier is not only a low-cost option to define your business space, it will provide an excellent opportunity for advertising, improve customer service and provide additional safety and security.

Choose a cafe barrier with a unique design

One of the main advantages of bespoke café banners is the ability to design a high-impact advertisement, which will guarantee your establishment stands out. The average high street will have many restaurants and cafés, which are all looking to compete for the same customers, but well-designed café banners will guarantee potential customers can easily find you.

The design options are endless so whether you want to advertise your menu, promote specific offers or highlight the visual aspects of your brand, a café barrier will provide the ideal solution.

Cafe barriers provide additional safety and security

Dining outdoors can be a great experience, but in busy areas, the passing traffic is often an unwelcome distraction. However, well placed café barriers will create a separation, to make your diners feel comfortable whilst also protecting your diners from potential pick-pockets.

Organise queues and improve customer service

If your establishment is particularly busy, investing in queue barriers can be an excellent way to organise the waiting crowd. The levels of customer service will naturally improve, as those who are waiting or considering visiting will quickly be able to judge the possible waiting times.

Barriers are low cost and are easy to maintain

Defining your outdoor trading area is surprisingly low cost, as café barriers are extremely low maintenance. The banner system can be tailored to meet the exact requirements of your establishment, simply order the exact number of sections required. Unlike fixed options these barriers are extremely versatile, to expand or reduce the defined space simply separate the sections and create the desired layout.

The PCV signage is waterproof, windproof up to 18mph and will always appear clean. The heavyweight chrome posts are designed to last for many years and all hardware is supplied with a one-year guarantee for your peace of mind.

Our custom designed café barriers will quickly become an essential part of your business. Contact our team today to discuss the possible design options and you will quickly experience the benefits of a defined outdoor space.