Trade shows and exhibitions are always great opportunities for reaching potential new customers or clients and to boost your business. These events, however, can sometimes require substantial investment of both time and money – so it is important to make the most of these opportunities.

To get the best value from your exhibition presence you will need a focused and clear sales pitch that will engage people and convince them to buy your product or service.

Here are some tips on how to create that engaging and persuasive sales pitch:

Research your audience

The first thing you need to be aware of is your target audience! You need to know whom you are potentially selling to, so research the attendees – and fellow companies – that are likely to be present at the exhibition.  This way you can create a sales pitch that is tailored to the specific audience therefore delivering more relevant and targeted information to your potential new clients or customers.

Keep it simple

An old business adage – KISS – Keep It Short and Simple. You need to make an immediate impact if you are to attract – and retain – interest in your pitch. An exhibition sales pitch should, ideally, be no longer than thirty seconds – it should detail a short description of your product or service and its main benefits to potential users. Use short, simple words and adopt a friendly and amiable tone.

Sell the value of your product

The first thing potential customers want to know is how your product will benefit them – so emphasise the product value and how it can improve their company or themselves.

Know your product inside out

A vital factor – you need more information and knowledge of your product than your thirty-second pitch will contain – interested parties will want to ask questions and get more detailed information about the product or service, so research the benefits, the functions and any technological aspects of the product. Not being able to engage with clients about the product will put doubt in their minds as to whether to buy or not.

Have an enthusiastic greeting

Always start your sales pitch on a positive note – an enthusiastic greeting emits a friendly energy and encourages people to stop and listen.

Body language plays a big part

Tone of voice and body language play a big part in attracting and retaining an audience – people can sense if you are not fully engaged or enthusiastic about your topic and lose interest quickly. Ensure your pitch is delivered with an upright stance and a smiling face.

Open questions encourage conversation

When creating a dialogue with your customers use open-ended questions – this encourages them to talk about themselves, giving you valuable information about their issues and therefore the solutions you can offer. Sales pitches should evolve into a two-way conversation and an engaging discussion.

Rehearse different ways to deliver your pitch

Delivery is all-important – if you have just memorised a pre-defined script that you ‘roll-out’ time after time it will become mundane and bland – and people will pick-up on it straight away and not be interested. Find different ways to describe and deliver the key points of your sales pitch – this will sound more natural and be more engaging.

Be ready for rejections

Always be ready for rejections – no matter how good your product – or your sales pitch – there will be people for whom it is just not of interest. That may be down to budget, cost or, quite simply, because the product is not relevant or useful to them! In these cases, simply thank them for their time and attention and leave them a business card or flyer for possible future reference – they will remember your manner and friendliness!

Compliment your pitch with the right exhibition marketing

Your sales pitch should always be bolstered by an engaging and effective exhibition stand. Your exhibition stand design should include the company name and logo and reflect any colours or images associated with your company and are used in other marketing materials for your business. Marketing items such as trade show banners and event signage will all contribute to projecting a positive and attractive exhibition stand and reinforce your brand image and name.


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