In a fast moving world, your business card needs to make an impact. One American study discovered that 88% of business cards are discarded, so you need to make sure yours is one of the 12% which makes an impression. In fact, a great business card can increase your business by 3% every year. You’ve got to get it right. What’s the best way to do that?

While business cards of the past were full of rainbow colours, snazzy fonts and imposing graphics, the trend of the moment is to keep things simple. Nobody is going to hold on to a business card which looks tacky and cluttered, so yours needs to be memorable, classy and informative. Fortunately, you can now create a business card design online with Instaprint.

We’d suggest doing some research first. A classic black background is fine for a solicitor or salesman, but the same background used for a baker conjures up images of burned loaves and overcooked pastries. Consider how much information you need to include. Less is more, but not including important contact information can leave potential customers unable to get in touch. Some companies don’t like to include specific names on business cards, as it leaves them with a more universal card, while others feel that handing out a card without a contact’s name or job title makes a contact less likely to get in touch.

Font choice needs to be easy to read. If you absolutely must have something with a flourish, consider limiting the flourish to your logo or slogan, while keeping your contact details clear.

With your details decided, consider the sort of material you want to print your cards onto. There’s a popular expression that states “the medium is the message”. Whether you’re choosing to print on beef jerky (yes, some companies actually offer that!) or quality cardstock, try to choose the right surface for your business. Recycled card is a great choice for a company promoting its ethical credentials, while something with texture engages the tactile-focused human brain for longer. A creative business might want to break the mould a little and consider a shape other than a rectangle.

Once you’ve created your business card template, the team at Instaprint Nottingham can bring it to life for you, so that you can get your name out there and share your details with the world.

Please Contact our team at Instaprint, who are full of helpful tips and knowledge which will allow you to design a business card using our business card templates to create maximum impact. Visit our business card page and let’s create something which will make people want to be a part of your company.