Even in this technology-driven business world many industries still make daily use of physical printed duplicate invoice books for their business transactions. 2-part NCR books are regular tools for a host of companies – choosing custom NCR pad printing can make your financial transactions easier and more efficient as well as helping to promote your brand and company. Your NCR pad design can display your company details – name, logo, contact numbers and details, along with any relevant website and social media platform addresses and information projecting a more professional image to your customers. Here are some of the benefits of, and reasons to consider, NCR pad printing to produce custom duplicate books for your company:

Customising your NCR Books will speed up Invoice Delivery

A well-designed custom layout for your 2-part NCR invoice book, incorporating aspects such as dedicated products and a service table, will make the invoice easier to complete and make the transaction clearer and quicker to process – something your customers will greatly appreciate!

NCR books provide clean invoices 

Traditional duplicate books with the carbon copy paper invoice can often result in unclear detail as well as the physically messy end-result! Custom duplicate books provide a clean and coherent invoice solution with defined information and a more compact finished product which looks both tidier and more professional!

They make your accounting easier 

One of the biggest benefits of a custom duplicate book is it will provide you with a more organised record of your invoices – vital in the management of your transactions that are central to your business efficiency! Choosing this simple NCR pad printing solution will make everyday business easier and more efficient – and, importantly, will do the same for your customers!

Customised NCR Pads raise brand awareness

A generic invoice can be functional and effective – however, custom duplicate books will make a much bigger impression on your customers or clients. A well-designed, customised 2-part NCR invoice book that boldly displays your company logo, colours and contact details can act as a formal business card – it will encourage engagement with your customers and act as a constant reminder to them of your company name and brand. It will help promote loyalty to your brand and encourage repeat business.

You will look much more professional

NCR pad printing will help promote a more professional business image in your specific marketplace and to your customers. Your 2-part NCR pads design can incorporate your brand logo and colours therefore making your company image more recognisable and making your company stand-out from competitors by impressing your customers with an easy-to-read and easy-to-use, customised invoice that appears well-organised, high-end and professional.  

Bespoke design means easier completion and fully inclusive of essential details

Designing your own layout for your custom duplicate books, specifically for your company needs, makes your two-part NCR truly bespoke. Your own specific design can incorporate information that may otherwise need to be recorded with manual notes on every transaction – this custom design will speed up the process and make life easier for both yourself and your customers.

They help with accurate record keeping

Custom duplicate books help maintain accurate records about your personalised products, services, and locations which will be a great aid in identifying solutions to any customer invoice issues. Your customers will appreciate the personal nature of your service as it helps provide a clearer picture and reduces any confusion that may arise from a transaction by providing a ready-made, comprehensive paper trail.

If you’re looking to purchase some customisable NCR pads for your carbonless invoice books, delivery notes, order pages, receipt pads, or any other forms where you might need duplicate, triplicate or quadruplicated copies, check out our 2-part3-part, or 4-part sets. And if you want to discuss your requirements, or talk to us about our design service, simply use our contact form to send your questions through to our sales team. Or alternatively, call our head office on: 0115 950 6633.